About us

Monforts machine tools - powerful, accurate, always geared towards customer benefits

The name Monforts stands for high
accuracy and

CNC high performance lathes, the strengths of which are particularly evident in hard turning.

The basis for these properties is the hydrostatic round guide on all our machines, which, thanks to its freedom from wear and optimised vibration damping, delivers the best surface results for turning, milling, drilling and thread cutting in the long term.

The MONFORTS product range concentrates on applications in demanding niche markets. High performance cutting in highest accuracy, from 2 to 5 interpolating CNC axes.

MONFORTS serves the premium manufacturers of the aviation, automotive, transmission and pump industries as well as other demanding and innovative industries. Typical applications are: demanding turbine wheels made of titanium or Inconel. But also engine crankshafts made of alloyed steel for trucks, punches, sintered materials, as well as all imaginable machining tasks.

Tradition - success has a long tradition at Monforts

In 1884 Monforts was founded a textile machine factory in Mönchengladbach.
An iron foundry was added in 1897.
1915 Development of the first semi-automatic Lathe marks the beginning of the machine tool business.
In 1938 the single-spindle lathe KA200 revolutionizes the world of machine tool paths with its unique and unmatched precision. It becomes an export hit and is sold in Japan and Australia, among other countries.
In 1965 the first NC lathe controlled by paper tape reader starts.
In 1976 the first lathe with hydrostatic guidance, type FNC 1000, is introduced to the market.
Sale of Monforts textile machine factory in 2006
A prototype UniCen LaserTurn with integrated laser unit is introduced in 2007
Kirovskij Zavod becomes new majority shareholder in 2010
In 2015 Monforts becomes part of the Anderson Group

To date , Monforts has sold more than 12,000 machines worldwide, including 4,500 CNC lathes with hydrostatic round guides.


Through close contact with our customers and intensive cooperation with research institutes and development partners, we supply the market with innovative machine tools at the highest technical level. The aim of the further development of our machine tools is to generate additional customer benefits in the field of turning, drilling and milling. Here we have recently developed technologies that, for example, create completely new possibilities in hard turning. Because we want you to be able to turn, mill and drill with Monforts machine tools in a particularly precise, effective and efficient way.

Monforts products are assured of a good future and are durable.