MHC - Horizontal PickUp Machine

Horizontal pick-up machine: Manufacturing turned parts even more economically!

The MHC PickUp is a high-performance lathe with automatic tool
handling for series production. It can optionally be equipped with
a bar loader and workpiece loading and unloading.

The horizontal design allows turning diameters of up to 520 mm and
workpiece lengths of up to 260 mm. Optionally available with Fanuc or
Siemens control.

The technology platform of the MHC PickUp is the Monforts DNC
machine tool. The precise, process-safe machining of the clamped
workpiece by turning, drilling and milling is carried out via an overhead
tool turret.

In addition to bar loading, it is optionally possible to equip the
machine with fully automatic workpiece loading and unloading.

This brings significant time and cost advantages, especially in series
production, which is designed for high quantities, because manual work
steps are partly eliminated and throughput times are considerably
reduced thanks to automation. The absolutely free chip fall contributes
to increased process reliability. The large work area door enables easy
manual loading and thus increases flexibility in the workflow.


  • X-axis travel = 260 mm
  • Z-axis travel = 600 mm
  • Swing diameter over bed = 560 mm
  • Spindle mounting DIN 55026 = A8
  • Inner draw tube diameter = 86 mm
  • Drive power (100% / 60% ED) with Fanuc = 18.5/22 kW
  • Drive power (100% / 60% ED) with Siemens = 23.7/33.6 kW
  • Speed range with Fanuc = 33-4,000 min-1
  • Speed range with Siemens = 31-4,000 min-1

  • Absolutely wear-free hydrostatic guidance in the Z-axis
  • Weight-compensated cross slide with backlash-free roller guide
  • Torsion-resistant construction as inclined bed
  • Short throughput times thanks to automated workpiece handling
  • Individual pick-up options by robot, bar loader, pallet system, etc.
  • Spindeleinheit mit Rundlaufgenauigkeit von ca. 0,003 mm

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