Monforts Machine Tools - powerful, long-lasting show precision and are durable

Reliable production requires a sophisticated machine concept. There are some essential design features that make the difference:

The substructure

Concrete base with three-point support

... a solution for any load-bearing sub-surface

Your benefit:

•    no separate foundation necessary
•    no levelling work necessary
•    no costs

The torsion-resistant structure

Inclined bed as solid steel construction

... a solution for optimal chip fall and stability

Your benefit:

•    highest surface quality and vibration damping
•    high stiffness against cutting forces
•    highest resistance to continuous stress

The hydrostatic longitudinal guidance

Massive guide column for hydrostatics

... the solution for vibration damping and wear resistance

Your benefit:

•    no stick-slip effect
•    cost reduction due to longer tool life
•    a 10-year guarantee on the hydrostatics
•    low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)